So today we finally got the amazing news that our skilled migrant visa was approved. Now our visa application was probably one of the most challenging for INZ as our daughter has a medical condition listed in the immigration manual which states that she would not meet an acceptable standard of health. Well we managed to argue this point and prove that she does have an Acceptable Standard of Health.
Our application was in the priority queue and we front loaded with loads of medical reports and journals. We got a CO in June 2020 and there has been constant dialogue on the medical, with loads of further reports/ queries. Our specialists in the UK and NZ have all been so helpful throughout the process. Our application even had to go for second opinion on the medical and we are so glad the INZ reviewed all the information we provided and that they came to the right decision.

We are aware that there is a medical waiver available for this visa type but we are so fortunate that we did not need to apply for this.

If anybody has a medical condition and is considering applying for a visa, please ensure that you know all the good and bad about your condition, what treatment if any you will require, whether you will use any specialist services etc as INZ will want to know everything and understand what resources you may require. Good luck to everyone going through the visa process.