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If her application for a partnership-based visa is approved, it is a 'relationship based visa' so she can travel alone and on her CAM visa (see "Who can come to NZ without requesting to travel" here https://www.immigration.govt.nz/abou...y-requirements). The only other realistic option is the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa and yes, you would need to be travelling together for that and it would be a fairly difficult application to make, as I assume you haven't lived together for very long. Obviously it is also higher risk because you would have to travel to her country and then submit your request to travel, which could well be declined.

Read the section “ Family members of New Zealand citizens or residents who do not hold relationship-based visas“ under “partners and family” :


I hope i am interpreting it correctly:

If you are from visa waiver country or Australian citizen etc then you dont need a VISA but need to apply for exemption to travel

If your partner is from non visa waiver country, which includes india, they either need a partner visa to travel alone OR you can “request to travel” but you, the nz partner must travel with him/her. You will need to do the following when you request to travel:

the description of your partnership, including details of any previous shared living arrangements
any supporting documentation demonstrating your partnership (including marriage certificate, joint tenancy agreement or joint bank account)
confirmation of your identity, your partner’s identity, and any dependents included in your Request to Travel
recent travel movements of you and your partner
evidence your New Zealand partner supports your Request to Travel to New Zealand.

However this doesn’t apply to your situation currently as you are living apart so please consider which option is best for you