Hi there,

I have long been considering a return to settle in NZ after leaving in 1988, and of course since Covid - things have been changing apace re house prices, economies, employment, etc.

I will be returning with my twins, the plan being to do so in time for intermediate school. They are 7 turning 8 this year, in Grade 2 in Australia. I think this gives us about two years or less to get stuff done! Also, as this will put me in my late 50s, there may be issues around super, pensions, etc. Plan is to move to Dunedin, anywhere north of NE Valley up to say Warrington, hopefully with a bit of space around us.

Anyway - I am keen to get a sense from those who have made the return to NZ after being away for a long time, and while this is an emigration focussed site, I have seen a number of you throughout the threads so hope to draw you out. I myself embarked on the classic two year OE, worked in London and studied in Paris, so was away three years. Then, never quite got back to NZ, landing in Melbourne Australia instead. Now living in Central Victoria, with a house and two little people.

So - feelings, experiences, dos and don'ts, whys and wherefores, "If I knew then what I know now" sort of things. General stories of hope and regret, happiness, contentment - give it to me!

I will ask more specific stuff re finances and house selling / buying on the other threads, but as far as super goes - my super fund in Australia does not pay into Kiwisaver, so if I effectively "retire" here, I can cash it out and put it into the mortgage which will leave us owing not much more than $50k, then sell our house. I am curious how that would affect any pension/super rights in NZ.

Thanks all - such a great resource this is. I'm excited, but have a lot to do in what now seems a dauntingly short time!