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Anyone from Manukau/Auckland office got any update?
Here is my timeline:

Applied online on 8th December 2020. I'm living in Auckland.

Received email from case officer on 14th October 2021 to check if my personal details are correct which will be published on citizenship certificate.

I replied to this email on 15th October 2021.

Received an email from case officer on 20th October 2021 to request additional information/Document (This information was related to a debt (Residual income tax as I'm self employed but I just declared it when I submitted my application just to be on safe side) that I owed to IRD, CO requested a document which shows that I have paid it off as I declared that It has been paid off)

Replied to this email on 21st October 2021 and received a reply from CO that he has received the information/document.

Received a call from CO on 21st October and he said that he's happy with all the information provided and will be sending application for final check. He spoke to me for around 2 minutes over the phone. He just asked if I'm currently employed. I assume he was just confirming my English language eligibility but he did not say it.

Received another email same day requesting additional information/document as my name was different in birth certificate than my current passport.

I replied on same day with additional information/document. (I changed my name legally back in 2008 when I applied for my 1st passport)

Received approval email on Monday 26th October 2021.

Good Luck All.