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Application: 27/07/2020
CO Assigned: 26/03/2021
Detail confirmation: 04/05/2021


I am writing to you regarding the Citizenship Ceremony on 4 October 2021 which you were to be invited to.

As you are aware Auckland is at Alert Level 3 with an announcement due on the 4th of October. As the council can only run ceremonies at Alert Level 1 they have unfortunately decided to cancel this ceremony.

Where ceremonies are cancelled due to COVID, candidates will become citizens on the date their ceremony was due to take place with no requirement to attend a ceremony.

The certificate will be couriered to you, which could take up to 4 weeks from the date your ceremony was due to take place.

If your mailing address has changed could you please let us know by replying to this email including your full name, reference number (if known) and new address.

It's over for me guys. Cheers

So it took 1 year, 2 months and 1 week altogether for you (434 days).