I just got my residency approved and am now eligible for KiwiSaver. My request to opt in my employer's scheme has also been approved and contributions will start on the next pay run.

So technically, I would have contributed to my Kiwisaver account for less than two full months by 30th June. From what I understand, my eligibility for the annual government contribution (50c for each dollar a member contributes) is pro-rated from the day I joined.

If I top up my contributions to ensure I've contributed at least $1042.86, would I still be eligible to receive the full maximum government contribution of $521.43?

To summarise:
I join kiwisaver on 3 May 2021
I contribute a minimum of $1042.86 before 30 June 2021 (by way of regular contributions via pay and a top-up via bank transfer)

Total time eligible for Kiwisaver for 2021 = a little less than two full month

Come ~August 2021, would I be eligible to receive the maximum government contribution of $521.43?

Thanks! Only considering this so that if I'm not eligible for the maximum govt contribution, I much rather wait until 1 July 2021 and contribute for the next financial year where I know I can get the full amount.