HI Everyone,

My partner's residence visa application under partnership category is under progress. It was waiting for police verification for a very long time before it was finally completed last monday it seems as per INZ call centre. I was thinking its the only one they are waiting for as no one contacted us for any further docs and so on.. Any idea why the dealys even after receiving the police verification results? Is it like it will be in a queue for CO to pick up back again and resume from where it was left?

Another question is on living together proofs, we have only submitted our house rent receipts for the past 4 months or so as we have already submitted 2 months each for PVV and PWV previously. will CO contacted us already if they are not happy with just 4 months of rent receipts? Is it safe to assume they are happy with whatever i have provided as its been 3 months since we were not contacted for anything? Is it ok to submit the full 1 year of rent receipts now by ourself without the CO asking for it/?