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Thread: Applying for PR in NZ - Urgent

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    Default Applying for PR in NZ - Urgent

    Hi Guys.

    Emergancy question:

    Some may have seen on a differnet topic that I got 'volunteered' (thanks Rob)to sort the paperwork out for someone who has a Job/contract all signed and $15,000 relocation package to get to Auckland. the companys acredited and told him to use some company to do the Immigration stuff....9mth later and this company had done ....ZILCH!

    So he wants to just go out on a visitors visa and apply out there..........

    I know he needs his POLICE CHECK from the UK,

    But he wants to do the Medical Here (cant see its cheaper over NZ - but he said he'd prefer to do it here, where he knows the system so to speak)

    SO MY QUESTON IS....Ive printed off the Med Forms, and the Police form.....DO I NEED TO PRINT OFF THE EOI paperwork????????

    OR will they give him the paperwork to do over there????

    What would he need to take with him?.....The director of the company kept his 'portfolio' of work?? god knows what this is - probably a glorified CV with Certificates....think hes crazy to leave that info with some strange company!

    If I could find out today B$ 5PM as I need to print them off for tonight.

    Loads of thanks in advance


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    Like you haven't got enough to do Kat ??

    Whats the point in printing off the EOI if he is going to submit it online?

    I don't mean to sound disrespectful to the chappie that you are trying to help (although I probably will) but if he's already waited 9 months for his agency to come up with the goods and hasn't done much about it, well.....??

    Tell him to ring NZIS and get them to put him straight.

    Good luck,



    ps Good picies on your blog (except those of me...Ha ha)

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    Default All Sorted!

    OK Julie dont stress........the hardest form to find was the Police form, theyve changed the links........but I found it, printed them off at work (not using my ink)
    and Rob has txt Si to come pick the papers up.......the rest he can do....I have to get my grandson.....hes waking up again....ah bless!

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