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Thread: Partnership Visa (offshore) update

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    Smile Partnership Visa (offshore) update

    The story so far.........
    Application for husbands partnership visa lodged 25th March, so we were expecting it to be picked up about September (ish)
    Contacted by CO early May, requesting further info re our partnership over the last 5 years. We had sent a few docs spanning the whole 28 yrs of our marraige, but she wanted more from the last 5 years. Fair enough.
    Also, as ther Mr's chest xray showed some clouding (which the panel physician wasnt concerned about), INZ have to have a report from a Chest Consultant to confirm that this is in no way related to past (or present) TB. This has meant another trip to Manchester ( from Sheffield), more tests, and a tripiling of the original cost of his medical.
    We are currently waiting for a CT scan appointment but (as with almost everything in the UK under the current 'plague' resctrictions) this is taking some time to come through. We are hoping we can get this done in Sheffield, which will save a little faffing about.
    In the meantime we are trying to get the Mr's late Mum's house (next door), cleared and on the market. Not an easy undertaking when its been the family home for 65 years, and very full.
    Still, onwards and upwards.
    Hopefully, the next update will be the outcome we have been waiting a very long time for.

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    What a lot there is on your plate... All the best.

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