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Thread: Critical Purpose Visitor Visa

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    Question Critical Purpose Visitor Visa


    Anyone recently applied for Critical Purpose Visitor Visa and got approved?

    Please help me with the process...

    I had recently received my Residence Visa and now planning to apply for a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa for my partner who is back in India.

    Got married in Dec 2019 and has to come back on Jan 20 to NZ due to work commitments.

    Even though she received Visitor Visa in March 2020 but was unable to travel due to Covid 19 and border closure.

    In INZ its mentioned the requirement for CPVV as :

    You must meet one of the critical purpose criteria set by the government:

    partner or dependent child of a New Zealand citizen or resident without a relationship-based visa

    Since I have Residence Visa and my partner doesn't have a relationship-based visa, Am I eligible to apply?

    Please advise.

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    It looks as though she will be eligible for this visa, yes.

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    Unfortunately I don't think your wife meets the criteria for this category

    Partners (from non-visa waiver countries) of New Zealand residents can apply for a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa if they are travelling with partner, and to have the application approved, you would need to meet the usual partnership criteria (ie living together in a genuine and stable relationship). Similarly, I don't think your partner would be granted a Partnership-based Work or Visitor Visa, simply because you won't meet the living together criteria.

    The only options you have are to travel to your wife and live together for a decent period of time and then apply for either the CPVV (if you are travelling back together) or the partnership-based work visa, or you will have to wait until there is a change to the border restrictions and visa policy.

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