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Thread: Is income in India taxable once I filed tax return in India

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    Default Is income in India taxable once I filed tax return in India

    I am NZ tax resident and hold Indian citizenship.

    New Zealand and India has dual tax treaty. I have already filed income tax return in India for a small amount of interest and part of rent received on an ancestral property.

    There is double taxation treaty between India and New Zealand:

    Since I have already filed my tax return in India: Do I need to provide the Indian income in IRD return here in NZ under "Overseas income" and pay no tax since I have already paid in India.
    Do I need to pay any additional tax in New Zealand.

    I checked with few accountants and the opinions are not the same.

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    I know my reply is a bit late, but I'd like to share my advice. Based on the double taxation treaty between India and New Zealand, it seems that you may not have to pay tax on that income in New Zealand since you've already paid tax in India. But it's always best to double-check with a tax expert to ensure you're doing everything correctly. However, it's still crucial to keep accurate records and stay organized when it comes to your finances. Using a handy tool like a paystub maker can help you generate check stubs and keep track of your income, making it easier to calculate the correct tax amount and manage your budget effectively. It's always wise to stay on top of these things to ensure a smooth tax process and financial stability.

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