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Thread: Essential Visa Application- Passport 4 months to expire

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    Default Essential Visa Application- Passport 4 months to expire

    Hello everyone,

    Need your help please.

    Visa of my friend is expiring in August end 2021 and he has got all his documents ready for essential skill visa application (Per hour $27). Yesterday he noted that his passport is expiring in November end 2021 and applied for renewal of passport today. Passport will be renewed only in his country and so will take around 2 months to arrive. So, how will this be assessed by immigration? Can he get visa in current passport given that there is less than four months to his expiry? Has anyone been in this scenario before?

    His profession is complex caregiver. So if he is out of work visa, this will directly impact the residents that he is taking care of. So what would be the best way out?

    Thanks for your help.


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    If a Work Visa current for 24 months or greater is issued, INZ may grant the full duration of the visa regardless of the passport expiration date, per E3.10(b). An Essential Skills Work Visa assessed as at or above the median wage of $27 per hour (WK3.5.1) may be granted for a 3 year duration (WK4.1), and this should therefore trigger E3.10(b).

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