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Thread: Variation of Condition for Resident Visa

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    Default Variation of Condition for Resident Visa

    Posting on behalf of a friend "X"

    X got his resident visa on 21st Jan 2020 while he was in NZ. X was the principal applicant. His wife and daughter got the resident visa under the same application as well.
    As X was in NZ when he got his visa, he didn't have any first entry date requirement. But the travel conditions (resident visa) were valid till 21st Jan 2022. He is still in NZ so, he is out of the question.

    The question he wants to ask is about his wife and daughter. As they were in India when X got his visa, they had an entry date condition, which said "You must arrive in NZ before 21 Jan 2021", which automatically got extended to 11 September 2021.
    Now that we are fast approaching 11 September 2021, he is worried about extending their travel conditions?
    His wife and daughter were supposed to get here on 15th April 2021, but they couldn't, because of the travel ban on India.
    And since then, getting a MIQ has become a nightmare.

    So, what should his way forward?
    what visa should they apply for?

    INZ told that he should use INZ1020, but that doesn't have any section for the resident visa holder.
    Will appreciate any guidance in this matter.
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