Hi all,

My wife will have been living in nz as a resident for 5 years at the end of October and will be eligible to apply for NZ citizenship so we have been looking into the process now and setting her up a realme account so she can apply online.

My question is regarding the 5 year requirement, I know that you have to have been living in NZ for 5 years on a visa which allows you to stay in NZ permanently but I was wondering as citizenship can take so long to process can you apply about a month early?

I know that in applying for residence under partnership the requirement is 12 months of living with your partner, but its widely known you can apply a month or so early of this as by the time it is processed it will have been 12 months and the CO may just ask for some up to date evidence to cover from when the application was submitted to the current day. I can not find this on the immigration NZ site, although it did seem to be widely known this was fine to do.

With this in mind I was wondering if it is the same for applying for citizenship? there is no mention on their website and I have emailed them asking but could not get a straight answer (they basically kept referring me to there website).

My wife will have meet the 5 year requirement in about 6-7 weeks and we were wondering if we could submit the application now, or are they really strict on the 5 year requirement at time of submitting?