Hey guys,
So while I'm still waiting for the partnership work visa to be approved, I figured I'd put most of the residency application together so that when I want to submit it, I'm ready and don't have to waste time trying to get something I forgot.

1. Since I'm applying a few months after applying for the work visa, can I just upload the same reference letters from friends etc, or do I have to ask them to write new ones? Do we have to have some letters from both families too?

2. Did you add lots more proof for the residency application or would my stuff from the work visa be enough? I appended bank statements, various online orders, car insurance, registration of a PLB, photos, fb conversation, lease from the place where we live now (since Dec2020, I wasn't on the lease before), The document I filled out when asking for a medical & xray last year (showing address & my partner as a contact), our individual vehicle (motorbike & moped) insurance showing the address, letters from friends & a flatmates bank statement's showing I was paying for rent even when I wasn't on the lease, flights together, a document about our chores system, how we were sharing finance before getting a joint account and what not. I really can't think of anything else I could use.
I am planning to use the same documents and just update them - adding the last few months of evidence where applicable. Does that make sense? I am assuming the residency visa processing team might be different so probably not a good idea to only upload the last few months assuming they'll dig up the work visa application.

3. In the form INZ1178:
"If you hold:
a valid Australian passport but do not hold a current New Zealand residence class visa, or
a New Zealand residence class visa granted on the basis that you were the holder of an Australian permanent residence visa or an Australian resident return visa,
is New Zealand your primary place of established residence? Yes No Not applicable"
Considering my partner is a kiwi, does he just skip that question?

Question A18:
"If you are aged 17 years and over, attach police certificate(s) for all countries that you have lived in for 12 months
or more (whether on one visit or intermittently) in the 10 years prior to the date the application is made?
This includes your home country.
(If you have lived in New Zealand for 12 months or more, INZ will obtain the New Zealand police certificate after you submit this form.)
Yes No Not applicable"
Considering my partner's a kiwi and has never lived anywhere outside of NZ for longer than that, should he tick "NO" or "NOT APPLICABLE" again?

Cheers all.