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Thread: Police certificate ( Resident to Permanent Resident)

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    Default Police certificate ( Resident to Permanent Resident)

    Kia ora Koutou,

    Hope everyone is doing great. I have a quick question, I provided police certificates from all the countries that I've lived when I applied for my Resident visa , however in the next 4 months I'll be applying for my permanent resident visa & since I moved here I've never left the country, do I still need to provide a police certificates again from all this countries to apply for a pr ?

    Ngā Mihi
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    INZ say that they CAN ask for a sight of police certificates (though they more often don't), and if they want them, they will let you know.
    You may need to provide Police Certificates as proof of your good character. If you need to provide a Police Certificate, we’ll let you know.
    If they tell you you need to provide any police certificate(s), it will depend how old they are whether or not you need new ones.

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