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Hi JandM and Keri,
I have a couple of questions regarding the form INZ 1175.

Question A12 and A13: my resident visa was granted on the base of a relationship with a NZer, and the relationship has ended, so for this question I should tick “not applicable”, shouldn’t I? Because both of the questions are “your partner” not “ex partner”, so they are not true to my situation if I tick “No”.

Also, just an off topic question: why can’t we apply PR online while other categories can? It’ll be so much easier for both applicants and INZ since they have our information in their system. I just find that the whole paper thing, then it takes days for someone to type our info in the system is a total rigmarole.

Thank you ��
I think you're right that the correct answer is N/A in your case.

Re: your other question. You've been in this long enough to have got Residence, and you're expecting the INZ systems to MAKE SENSE now?