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I emailed my case officer today and was advised that she had finished processing, and that it had been sent off for validation and I can expect to hear from the team within next month. The tone is really positive.

Not much information is provided regarding the process. The policy document said the vast majority of applications are approved via schedule (list of names), by a senior Departmental official who holds delegated authority. Only 200-300 applications which donít clearly meet all requirements will be submitted to the Minister (submission). So either way, the Minister is the final decision maker, via delegated authority or by personally considering the submissions.

My guess of the process would be something like this:

1/ Application is allocated to a citizenship officer

2/ The citizenship officer assesses the criteria set out in section 8 of the Act, by cross checking with Immigration NZ and other government departments. The officer also sends an email to confirm the address, DOB, legal name, place of birth.

3/ If the citizenship officer is satisfied that the applicant meets all the requirements, the file will be sent off for validation.

*not sure what validation means here - may be a 2PC like INZ does for residence visa?*

4/ A list of names will then be signed by a delegated authority of the Minister.

5/ The Department emails the people on the list that their applications had been approved.

6/ The certificate is printed and posted.

The usage of word here probably causes the confusion, especially when you talked to the contact centre on the phone.
What does your online presence calculator says ? Mine started saying not eligible after one have week of receiving the confirm details email.