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I still haven't heard a single thing even though my application is over the 11 months they quote to be assigned a CO on their website.
I emailed and got the response....

Thank you for your query about citizenship application processing times.

The reason we can process some applications faster than others is because we use automated checks on some applications.

Automated checks can confirm if an applicant is eligible. This includes calculating an applicant's presence in New Zealand. This means these applications need fewer checks by a Citizenship officer.

An applicant may be eligible, but they may not pass the automated checks. This may mean their application takes longer to process.

I am now worried there may of been a fault with the online calculator since I applied two days after the calculator told me I was eligible too. Otherwise I can't think of any of reason in which I wouldn't have passed the automated checks.

Happy for all those who have received theirs so quickly but definitely feeling left out in the cold lol
Has your case been assigned to a CO? I think you applied in May 2021 if Iím not mistaken.