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Yes, I was able to do this. Aside from this travel rexord document, I requested INZ (after being on hold for more than 1 hour) to make sure that I don't have any other client number or account that is potentially associated with me, or my prevous and current passport (I don't, I was told I only ever had one client number and one account for all the visa I have held). I sent the travel record document to DIA together with a copy of my resident and pr visa to complaints@dia.govt.nz and still waiting for anything to happen aside from an acknowledgement email. Before this was told over the phone from DIA (again, after waiting for more than 1 hour on hold) that I needed to complete full 5 years of residency/ or pr to be eligible to apply - I was able to confirm that this is not correct. It's like a circus having to go on hoops and ending up with nothing.
Seems like reading the Citizenship Act and advocating for yourself based on how you understand the clauses in this Act / or get a lawyer to interpret it for you then applying if you can will be quicker rather than waiting for DIA to clarify it for you.