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Thread: 2021 Resident Visa - phase one. How did you get on?

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    Seems strange how people are having significantly different processing times. Anything, to your knowledge, that's peculiar about your application?

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    Kia ora!

    Timeline update:

    8th Dec 2021 - Visa application received
    16th Dec 2021 - AIP received, including communication about payment and withdrawing existed RTW visa application
    17th Dec 2021 - Confirmed the withdraw
    21st Dec 2021 - Payment method received
    22nd Dec 2021- Fees paid and received invoice
    17th Jan 2022 - Passport dropped off at Manukau
    22nd Jan 2022 - Passport returned

    So on the online services status, my resident visa application still reads 'pending' and there's no stamp/sticker on my returned passport.(I think I had the wrong idea after some search) I know this is probably just admin running in the background and I should get the visa letter soon, but seeing many people saying they have the "resident visa approved" just feeling a bit unsatisfied.
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    NZ Herald article about the scheme: indicates that around 20 per cent of applications were declined (80 per cent success rate). And a new tranch opening soon!

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