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Thread: Does NZQA recognize direct assessment / competency based degrees?

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    Default Does NZQA recognize direct assessment / competency based degrees?

    In the United States, where I live, direct assessment means you can earn a degree by passing exams that demonstrate competency in the material. If you already know all the material from a particular course, you don't actually have to sit through the lectures and assignments. You can just skip forward to the exam.

    Institutions that use direct assessment are eligible for accreditation in the US.

    Should I be concerned that an accredited direct-assessment based bachelor's degree in the US would not be considered a valid bachelor's degree by NZQA? Specifically I am looking into earning a bachelor's degree from an accredited online school called WGU (Western Governors University).

    I know that NZQF requires a bachelor's degree to consist of at least 360 credits, which means 3600 notional learning hours. If my bachelor's degree is earned based on direct assessment that certifies competency of 3600 hours' worth of skills, but it doesn't involve actually doing 3600 hours of lectures and assignments, would NZQA still assess this as a level 7 qualification?

    Does anyone here have experience with getting a WGU credential evaluated in NZ or does anyone know whether there are similar degree programs offered by NZ institutions?
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