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Thread: Visa requirement for New Born Children

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    Exclamation Visa requirement for New Born Children

    Good Day,

    Me and my spouse are based in the Bahamas currently. We shall be applying for our regular work permit to enter NZ.

    Our child is a new born. We are not sure what are the formalities applicable for new born in order to travel/enter/stay in NZ with us.

    Can you please suggest on the below please ?

    1. Does the New Born child need to have a Visa? If yes, what are the formalities required and what type of visa will be issued for the New Born?

    2. Does the New Born child need to give Biometrics? (I assume not as per what I could read online)

    3. Does the New Born need to visit the Visa Center when the parents are applying for their visas ?


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    As you are a Work Visa holder (or are planning to obtain a Work Visa), you will need to look at the Child of a Worker Visitor Visa.

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