Hi folks,

I came back to visit my country in April 22 (left NZ on 31 Mar 22) post-covid. Got married after 2 years of long distance relationship, visited my family, etc...

I have spent slightly over 3 months away from NZ, since I haven't had a chance to visit the family for almost a decade.

As it was a planned long visit, I had already ended my tenancy and had all my stuff stored in a private unit, hence I have no NZ residential address now, apart from a Private box.

I wonder if applying for citizenship from overseas would be okay? I have checked the presence calculator and it says I am currently eligible to apply.

Once I have applied, would it be okay for me to stay here for another month, i.e. longer than the 4 months absence requirement.

My travel timeline is:

16 May 2017: Resident Visa
24 Feb 2020 - 28 Feb 2020: overseas (5 days)
31 Mar 2022 - 5 Jul 22 (current) : overseas (97 days)
Plan to submit application, online: 5 July 2022.