G'day everyone,

I have 2 questions regarding 2 separate visas: Working Holiday Visa and Student Visa that I hope you could help.

1. One of the criteria for Working Holiday is "You must have a tertiary qualification. After you apply online, we’ll ask you to provide a copy of your qualification, which must have involved at least 3 years’ full-time study". My question is that can this person apply when he just finished his year 3 at Uni given that he got 1 more year to go to get a Bachelor or he needs to finish his study first, get the degree then apply?

2. Regarding student visa, the fund can be supported by a relative, the sponsor can complete "a completed 'Financial Undertaking for a Student' form", now my question is can this sponsor from a third country? For example, this student is from India, and his family member (the sponsor) is a US citizen, can this family member sponsor this student's study in NZ?

Many thanks.