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Thread: Resident visa expiring

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    Default Resident visa expiring

    I am Jatin holding a Resident visa, and my VOC is going to expire on 11 Sep 2022. Currently i am oversea and coming back to NZ November 2022. Due to covid 19 I was not able to travel with my new born baby.

    My Resident visa approved in April 2018 and then I left NZ in Nov 2018. I came back to NZ in March 2020 but then covid 19 just started and I decided to go back home to join my new born daughter in July 2020.

    I applied VOC in 2020 and got approved for 1 year till June 2021. InZ gave extension for 1 year with out applying visa as a Covid response till 11 sep 2022.

    Please advise me what will be the option to save the Resident visa. Please guide me thank you very much.

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    Given that you have not been in New Zealand for over 2 years now, you are unlikely to meet the criteria for a further variation of travel conditions (see RV3) or a second or subsequent Resident Visa (RV4). (Read the immigration instructions that I have linked, they will give you more information on this -- and also, read the INZ 1176 guide.)

    There are two scenarios that may save you: if you are the partner of a New Zealand citizen (RV3.20.5 / RV4.20.1) or if you are seconded overseas as part of your New Zealand employment (RV3.20.10 / RV4.20.5).

    If neither of those two scenarios apply to you, you have only one option: return to New Zealand before your travel conditions expire. Otherwise, you will need to apply for a new Resident Visa.

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