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Thread: Apply for PR with no valid passport

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    Default Apply for PR with no valid passport

    I meet the criteria for applying for PR however there is an issue with my passport. My passport expired a few months ago (before the 24 months timeline after getting residency). Applied for a new passport in May hoping to have it by August to apply for PR which is when it would be 24 months since getting residency. however there was an issue and I still dont have my new passport. INZ website says you must apply for PR within 3 months of your residency visa expiring. We are getting close to that time limit (19th November) and are getting very anxious.

    My question is, can I apply for a PR visa with my old passport and send in the new one when it arrives in the next month?

    What other options do we have? We can apply for second or subsequent resident visa but would like to leave that as a last resort.

    Note: my residency visa expired while still in NZ. I am asking on here as I have not been able to get through to the contact center

    Thanks in advance!
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