Good day everyone,

I just want to ask for your opinions.

I am offshore and I got a job offer in NZ and we are near lodging the visa applications. However our son has hearing impairment and has 2 cochlear implants that have made his hearing now good. He is in Grade 1 at a mainstream school where they accept a few kids with hearing impairments (that have an intervention of cochlears and hearing aids). At the school they offer compulsory speech therapy for the hearing impaired learners until mid primary school or when the speech is excellent.

So for us we got letters from the ENT specialist who operated him, the Audiologist that does the annual mapping/checking of the cochlears and the Speech therapist at his school. The therapist indicated that he is getting therapy (which is true) and highlighted that his spoken language has improved significantly and he is getting towards independence in terms of spoken language.

Do you guys think we will make it? I am worried about the implications of speech therapy (when our file gets referred to the MA) although I dont see him doing the speech therapy for too long because his spoken language is improving and getting towards almost fine.