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Thread: Tourist visa question

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    If I list myself as a contact person for a friend who is applying for a tourist visa, does this bear any responsibility to me? I am not applying to be a sponsor for them, just provide my name/contact details as a friend already in NZ. They will be staying with me for part of their stay.

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    There shouldn't be an issue as long as your friend has a good character, meaning no criminal history. Then you will need to let the INZ know. Or INZ might contact you as you are the contact person in case they want to cross-check anything or something happens while your friend is in NZ.

    Hope this helps!

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    pedditti03 as my colleague JandM has pointed out on your other post to comply with INZ rulings you must give links to what you are stating

    Please be careful not to give specific Immigration Advice without stating your sources. (See the pinned threads stating the NZ law about this, and the ENZ forum's position, which we MUST keep to.)

    Here is the relevant page of the regulations

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