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    I need a clarification. I am Permanent Resident. I have already sponsored (Finance and Accommodation) for my Father and Mother and I received the Visitor VISA (it is multiple entry VISA and stay period is 6 months for an entry).
    I would like to apply General Visitor VISA for my In-law's (1. Mother-in-law, 2. Sister-in-law, 3. Co-Brother and 4. Nephew). Their stay period would be 1 month.

    1. As I have already sponsored the VISA for my parents, can I sponsor for my In-law's family as well? What will be the minimum funds should I show for 1 month stay?
    2. If I can't sponsor, can my wife sponsor for them showing the savings in her bank account (she is not working).

    Please clarify.


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    Its a tricky one to answer because there is no guideline from INZ. However, the general rule says that we should have $400 per person per month if we are sponsoring someone. Given you have already sponsored two people, ensure you have sufficient funds in your bank. Also, INZ might ask where they are going to live and what is your current residential status.

    If it is a small house again, there might be concerns about overcrowding. You will need to write a good letter when applying. If you co brother is working in his home country, there is no reason for you to sponsor him, his partner and the child. He can apply himself given he is got funds for a return flight for all three and few other expenses. You can still sponsor your mother in law. It depends on what's your situation is and make a call.

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    Please be careful not to give specific Immigration Advice without stating your sources. (See the pinned threads stating the NZ law about this, and the ENZ forum's position, which we MUST keep to.)

    Here is the relevant page of the regulations.

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