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Thread: Power adapters in NZ - availability to purchase

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    Default Power adapters in NZ - availability to purchase

    I've read a couple other posts here that broach the topic of things to consider as far as the power requirements of devices, the caveats, the different kinds of adapters (eg, strictly physical vs full voltage conversion, etc) and have a working familiarity with the relationship between amps/volts/watts.

    For example, one item I'm planning to include in my move is a Quickmill QM67 espresso machine. (Not one of the newer QM67 Evo units.) The manual for the USA says to use an outlet rated for no less than 15 amps.

    According to my research, a typical NZ home has outlets rated at 10 amps.

    Doing the math (with the help of ) it looks like this translates to needing 7.5 amps at the outlet in NZ. The voltage adapter will need to be rated to support the ma 15A draw on the 115V side of things, of course.

    So far, so good.

    My question has more to do with trying to plan for how many adapters to buy, of what sort, etc. For example, the laptop I'm typing this on has a power brick that states needing an input of 100-240V ~ 2.5A 50-60Hz, but it only has a plug that can be used in the USA. So this should only need the physical adapter and not a full voltage converter. But something else like the espresso machine will need a proper voltage converter.

    I know I can buy (probably?) every adapter I might need before flying to NZ. But I'll likely underestimate our needs, thinking things like "well I don't need to run those 2 items at the same time" or whatever.

    So my question is this: what's the availability of getting these adapters after arriving in NZ?

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    You can easily get voltage transformers on TradeMe or at Jaycar here in NZ. From what I understand, anything that generates heat, like your espresso machine, will need a really powerful unit. And then it still won't last as long because of the Hz difference. But don't take that as a hard fact, because all I brought with me was my laptop which (as you said) just needs an adapter.

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    Adapters and converters are commonly available in New Zealand, particularly in larger cities and tourist areas. You can purchase them at electronics stores, department stores, and travel supply stores. It's also possible to find them in some convenience stores and supermarkets.

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