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    Default Parent/Grandparent visitor visa

    Hi all,

    I am hoping someone can shed some light on the Parent/Grandparent visitor visa for me.

    My wife has recently become a citizen and would like to bring her parents here for up to 6 months next year to help us raise our child.

    Her parents live overseas are not really up to applying themselves so would need us to help. Can anyone help me out with the following?

    1 - Is it possible to apply on paper for them? I know there is a push to do things online, but I think they need to submit another form saying they parents give me permission to be their contact about their application for them? I am not sure how to submit the two forms simultaneously online, but with paper they can send them both in the same bundle of paperwork.

    2 - What forms should they use (the one for her parents and one that allows me to be their liaison with INZ for any communication) and how do we get these online so we can print them? (I have search high and low on the INZ site but can only find the option to apply online)

    3 - Do they need to have tickets booked and provide arrival and departure dates with the application? or since it is a 3 year visa is there no requirement to have dates on the application?

    4 - I understand they will need the health check up? how do they go about this if they are overseas? do they visit their doctor and ask for some tests or something? (that will sound naive but I have no idea).

    If anyone has any further info which may be helpful id love to hear it.


    Edited after posting and after doing a bit more research online, looking at the complications of them applying (sending papers to anther country, paying various fees etc) is it possible for us to apply here in NZ for them? I know they would have to send their passports here etc, but this is something we would consider also.
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