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    Hi all,

    My wifes parents are looking into applying for a parent/grandparent visitor visa so they can come to NZ to spend time with us and their new grandchild. On the second page of the online application there is a question "Are you able to financially support yourself during your stay — including onward travel?". Although we need to check the numbers on this (amount of money they have etc), we suspect the answer could possibly be no, and my wife and I will cover all costs for them, flights, food etc, they will also be living with my wife and I in our house that we own.

    My fear is this will be a slight negative impression on their visa, so I wanted to know if everything else with the visa is fine, but they do not have means to finically support themselves here is i likely their application will be declined because of this?

    They would ideally stay for 6 months meaning that if they were required to have means of financially supporting themselves they would probably need close to $10,000 ($1000 per month and $2500 for return flight). Something they will probably not have.

    We plan to write a cover letter saying we will cover all costs for them (hopefully we can attach this to their application somehow), so perhaps they can select yes to this question? as technically they do the means to support themselves, but it is with our money not theirs?
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    Whether or not your parents can support themselves has no relevance whatsoever regards to the Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa. Per V3.110(d), applicants for such a visa must be sponsored by the principal applicant's child or grandchild aged 18 years or older who meets the sponsorship requirements set out at E6.

    Prior to the new online application system, the acceptable sponsor would have needed to complete a Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry and provide this completed form, with supporting evidence, to the principal applicant who would then submit this with their application to INZ. This remains the process required for paper applications, but I believe that the online way of doing things may be different nowadays.

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