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Thread: Optimum option for visa case( student extend or accredited)

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    Default Optimum option for visa case( student extend or accredited)


    I have a question which is a bit challenging for us. Would you please help us? My partner has a phd student visa and she is a full time employee in an accredited workplace. Her visa will be expired on 31.03.2024 and mine as a partner work visa same. She is in last year of study but possibly will not finish before 31.03.2024 so I believe she cannot apply for post graduate study visa. We already applied for residency around 2 months ago and still waiting possibly due to our nationality it might take at least 5 or 6 months. I hope we could g et it soon and these questions are answered!
    Now, consider we wont which kind of visa should we apply? as my partner study will just remain 3 or 6 months max and it is just because of thesis defense. I am not sure whether she should again apply for study visa and me partner work visa? The challenging part for me is that employers are looking for long term visa for offering work though this was not the case for my partner maybe as she h ad a student visa they gave permanent job.
    So, if she wants to apply accredited work visa could she continue study with that? Could she later apply for post graduate study visa in this case?
    What is the optimum option for us?

    By the way if I get a job with an accredited employer and they offer me permanent job do they need to sponsor me or I could extend my ow visa myself? I exactly dont understand difference between sponsoring and self application? Consider I get a job, do the company needs to apply a visa for me after my visa expiry or they just give me a letter that I work there with salary and I apply myself?

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    First part of your query. It would be sensible for your partner to talk to the people at her university who have responsibility for foreign students - they must have come across this situation before, with other people, and will probably be able to tell her the range of possibilities. (There aren't many people who have posted on here, talking about their options when doing PhD, so I can't point you to any precedents.)

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