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    I am writing to seek clarification on a matter related to my wife's visa applications.

    Her residency application was lodged in July, and on November 10, a visa officer was assigned to the application. However, due to the impending expiration of my wife's working visa on December 2, we found it necessary to lodge another work visa application.

    We noticed that Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has already deducted the work visa application fee, even though the residency application is still in progress. In light of this, we are curious to know if there is a possibility of refunding the work visa application fee if the residence visa gets approved before the work visa application is processed.

    Your guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as it will assist us in planning our next steps accordingly.

    Thank you for your time and assistance

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    This should answer your question:

    You'd have to withdraw the Work Visa application, then submit the refund request. Otherwise, the Work Visa may be processed before the refund is.

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