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Thread: Resident to Permananet resident- but working overseas for NZ company

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    Default Resident to Permananet resident- but working overseas for NZ company


    We were granted temporary residence in Sept 2022. We are eligible to apply for PR in September 2024.

    According to NZ Immigration guidelines, we need to ne in NZ for atleast 6 months of these two years immediately before applying for PR.

    I have lived for than 6 months in NZ for the first year.
    However, for the second year, what if I were only be in NZ for 4 months and the remaining 8 months were spent working for a New Zealand company overseas?
    This would be a fixed 2-year contract (Jan2024 - Jan2026).

    Could we still qualify for the PR?
    There are five criteria mentioned on the above Immigration NZ website link. But I cannot make out if this case can fall under any one of them.

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    As you already know, there are five ways of demonstrating a commitment to living in New Zealand permanently: INZ requires evidence of meeting only one of them. An 8-month absence will, without a doubt, result in you being unable to demonstrate that commitment by way of significant period of time spent in New Zealand. The other four options may be available to you, but I am unable to (legally!) tell you whether or not your circumstances will fit into one of them.

    However, if you cannot demonstrate a commitment to living in New Zealand by any of those five ways, you may instead be eligible for a variation of travel conditions. And here, there is a special provision that you might fall into: a Resident Visa holder seconded overseas as part of their New Zealand employment may be granted a 24-month variation of travel conditions. See RV3.20.10.

    You may want to consider specialist immigration advice on this matter before taking up your overseas secondment. In particular, note that your secondment must meet the criteria at RV3.20.10(b) to be granted the special 24-month variation of travel conditions.

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