Hi! My colleague recently arrived in NZ on a work visa under AEWV and is on a Tier 2 Green List. He will be eligible to apply for NZ Residency in 2 years. During the interim, he plans to apply for a partner of a worker work visa for his wife and a dependent child student visa for his 4 kids. Under the requirement listed on the dependent child student visa, there needs to be proof of funds amounting to $15k per year or $1250 per month per child. Does this mean that he needs to provide a total of $60k per year or $5k per month for all his children? I just find this too steep providing that the children will receive free primary and secondary education in NZ, live in the same house and share utilities. Are there workarounds regarding evidences to provide for applying this type of visa for 4 kids? Thank you.

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