Hi everybody!

I am permanent resident since early 2019 and I am getting ready to apply to the NZ citizenship early next year. I come with a question about multiple citizenship.

I was born in Argentina and applied to all my visas (including the PR) with my Argentinian passport, which was the only one I had back in the day. Last year I acquired a second citizenship, I became an Italian citizen by descent from my mother side and I was issued an Italian passport along with it. I completed my Italian citizenship application process here in NZ through the Italian embassy in Wellington.

I am starting to check what is needed to apply for NZ citizenship. In the application form there are a couple of questions related to citizenship: "Country/countries you are currently a citizen of" and "Passports/travel documents you have had in the last five years". I understand that I need to put details from both my Argentinian and Italian citizenship on those questions, even when that was not the case in the past when I applied to NZ visas. This is because my current state is that I am a citizen of both countries. Is this correct? or should I only put the Argentinian details? If I put both, there is going to be a mismatch between my records in INZ (Argentinian citizenship only) and the details I will be providing to Internal Affairs in my NZ citizenship application.

I am not entirely sure if INZ should be informed about the fact that I acquired a second citizenship after I got my PR. I was worried about this earlier this year so I called INZ, waited the 2 hours in the queue, just to ask if I had to inform them about my new citizenship details. I am not 100% sure that the person in the phone fully understood my inquiry, and to be fair it is not a common situation either. The answer I got was on the lines of "you should not need to do anything" but I am still unsure. Do you know if I should actually inform them of this change and if there is an official form/process to do this?