Sorry for long message guys. Thanks for your ideas!

I know I will at the end go to the tribunal tenancy but look at the complexity of my issue.

As I am pretty new in NZ I really surprised about what happened! This contract is periodic actually.

I rent a standalone house from February and pay 4 weeks bond. The landlord is the father-in-law of the person who I have been dealing with. This person was strange from the initial point actually. First of all, he always has sent me message in facebook. Just he sent contract and bond receipt by email! Even when I sent an email to him he just answered in facebook. Anyway, to make it short this person told me "You should move out of the house after 2 months" which is the next week. Even worse he threatens me by the sentence "Don't make me come and move you out soon and I dont care about the laws!" when I told him I will go to tribunal.

Anyway, first he told me the rent is very low need to fill another room! But we rented whole house as in the contract it was written whole address and only I and my wife have lived in this house! Then after my email about tribunal he told me I will come and live with my kids!

The issue is further than that: He did not lodge the bond, he did not fix the heater after several notices, asks for pay weekly, and he gave us notice soon.

Anyway, as we did not feel safe with the house anymore I found another house though it was a bit tough in wellington in this time of the year. Now that I want to move next week he told me I wont come for one month so stay for 4 weeks instead of bond!!! So, I answered him he already threatened now he told us instead of bond which was 4 weeks stay for free!

Anyway we already got another house. It seems that this guy has not money anymore or what since he has debt to mercury for 1 year also I found a letter in house.

My questions are:

First of all, could he deny all of these as he wrote in Facebook to me not email?!

Second, how can I prove that I leave the house next week if he wont come to inspect and I complain to tribunal. The reason I did not go to tribunal yet was his threatens as I want to move out then complain specifically if he wont pay my bond back

Third, he already ruined my mental health with what he did. So, what are my rights in New Zealand?!

All in all, what should I do?