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Thread: what time does it get dark?

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    Default what time does it get dark?

    May seem an odd question! but we are coming over to NZ North Island end of May,just had the motor home confirmed,so looking at maps for camp sites etc. and wondered what sort of time it gets light in the morning and dark at night,as we need to have parked up by then!
    Could anyone also give us some advice about clothes,what to bring,and do we need sun tan lotion?
    Probably for some daft questions,but as we have not been before just don't want to be un-prepared.
    Many thanks again.

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    Dark about 6 at night, daylight around 7am

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    There's a site for everything these days:

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    Useful website.........I am so looking forward to longer winter days, unlike Scotland where its only light between 10am and 3pm in December....


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    yes thank you for that,just a pity it is n't later!
    just the clothes to think about now!

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    Hi Jameelka, don't know if you have booked your camp sites yet but Top 10 sites are fantastic.........Good luck with the trip and look forward to hearing all about it..Cheers, David

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    Thank you.
    No nothing booked just the motor home!
    Still hoping that OH will have a few chats/interviews when over in NZ so can't plan just yet,have some maps of some sites,but will prob just go with the flow!
    That's why I asked about what time it gets dark,as we'll need to be settled for the night by then.
    Have u been over before then? Perhaps you have mentioned it on a forum,but you read so many it all merges into one!!
    We are all getting really excited about the trip,roll on the 27th May!!!

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    Girlie stuff not daft at all

    Lip balm deffo, I never needed it in the Uk but find I wear it all the time here especially in the windy weather. I also use sun cream all the time even on overcast days so best pack some just in case, even if you use it above the neck of your woolly.

    Layered stuff is best with a rain proof coat.A woolly hat in the wind and rain helps too and will do when the temp drops at night if you are camping out.

    I'm just getting used to layers and find wearing a cami top, t shirt and cardi means I can start stripping off when the sun does come out. Beats sweating in a thick woolly jumper.

    Hope this helps

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