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Thread: Napier and Hastings info please

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    hi mike,

    could you please give me an idea on the price range of houses for rent in the hawkes bay area? is it easy to find a place to rent?

    if buses are almost non-existent in the area, how do people go around the place? any means of public transportation?



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    Rental properties around Hastings are from $200 a week upwards depending on size/standards and in Havelock North from about $300 per week upwards, again dependant on size/standard.

    Some Websites that may give you a better indication are as follows.

    About 3 to 4 months ago rentals where difficult to pick up, as they where being taken as soon as they came on the market, but things seem to have slowed down a little now, and more is available.

    Hope this is useful


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