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Thread: anyone used their own container?

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    Hi Ali

    Some on the online shipping sites have inventories on them that you can fill in to get a quote.

    You could print off a comprehensive one and just add your personal bits to it.

    I packed some stuff a while before we shipped and I printed out a list of the box contents, put one inside the box and clear parcel taped another list to the outside.

    We also got a cheap job lot of those large clear storage boxes with flip lids and I taped the list to the inside of the box. Easily readable from the outside.

    If you have the luxury of time you'll be fine.

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    I guess it depends on what, and how much you want to send. Mark and I are not bringing any furniture or appliances with us (I already have a lovely big bed in NZ at my parents place) to save a bit of dough. We figure we will use TradeMe and 2nd hand stores when we get there and slowly build up to new stuff when we can afford to. Shipping seems to be an expensive way of going about it (from Canada anyway). We are planning on using the largest suitcases we are allowed, and pay extra for an additional suitcase each if necessary. We're also planning on leaving some items with Mark's family to bring with them when they visit us.
    We looked into using rubbermaid bins but quickly found out that suitcases are less hassle and hold just as much.


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