Iíve read a few posts about damp houses on the forum and thought Iíd tell you about our experience.

Basically the rain came and our house started to get really damp. Itís just about dry now and I thought Iíd tell you what we changed to get it that way (some of the things I found really surprised me).

First we found a hole in the roof, never a good thing, but I thought ďwell thatís the problem get it fixed and all will be wellĒ so we had the roof fixed, we also had it all re-fastened too.

The damp didnít go away!

I waited for the rain to come again and went round the house looking for any drips coming from the guttering (spouting) found a few, fixed them and cleared the leaves out.

The damp didnít go away!

I thought, ok we have lots of high plants growing up the walls Iíll get rid of them, maybe the walls are getting wet because the sun doesnít shine on them. So all the bushes/ high plants were taken down.

The damp didnít go away!

Sort of clutching at straws now and a little confused about just where the damp was coming from I decided to strip all the flowerbeds that surround the house walls. I thought, ďmaybe the density of the plants is holding moisture against the wallsĒ.

Thatís when I found it! The down pipes (all three) didnít go anywhere except into the ground. I wouldnít call it a soak away, no gravel, no holes in the pipe, just a pipe stuck in the ground. (Wouldnít want a soak away that close to the house either).

Well a bit of pipe to re-route the water (just for now) and the house is dry (YIPPEE).

I learnt this. Here in NZ you canít put rainwater down the wastewater drain (like you do in the UK) it has to go down the storm drain (the drain in the road).
The difficulty involved in getting the rainwater from the house to a storm drain was enough for the people who built the house to just dump the water into the ground, right next to the walls! Because the houses are single story you obviously have a big roof area, that adds up to a lot of water!

I didnít suspect this as the cause of the damp (as I said I discovered it quite by accident while removing plants). I spoke to my neighbour and he told me that it was once common to do this and heíd fitted drains to his house too.

I thought Iíd post my experience here, you never know, maybe someone else on the forum is suffering a damp house because of the same thing. Relatively easy to fix (if you know its there!!! )

Kind Regards Bob