I'm so confused. We're just starting to look at houses for sale. I'm not used to not having a buyer's agent like in the states, and I've been going to open houses, and listening to the questions other people ask. That's been a help. As has the forum and other sites. I know I can look at the rateable value and that I need to get the inspection and LIM.

The thing I can't figure out is why I go to an open house that says BBO a certain amt. and then overhear the agent say the house will go for at the very least $50,000 more than the BBO amt! I know the O stands for over, but that's quite a big difference! Would you say my experience is common or the exception? I'm trying to figure out whether to start looking at houses listed well below my price range in order to find one that's actually within my range.

The house I like best so far had a tender date that passed, but it's still on the market, because they didn't like the tenders they received. I don't know if that means they probably got offers below the BBO amt they listed or that they probably want a lot more then the BBO amt like the other house listed above. Since it's tender, I have no real guide for what we should offer if we decide on that one. Is it generally a certain amt more than the rateable value?

I'm at a loss trying to figure out which houses are actually in our range so I don't waste all my time looking at ones that aren't. And the agents mostly try to say as little as possible of course. I need to learn a lot more about valueing and what the BBO really means!!! Any ideas about the best way to do that?

Thanks very much!