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Thread: I need some info on warkworth

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    Exclamation I need some info on warkworth

    Hi guys,my mom just got offered a job at warkworth i need to know how far away is this town from auckland city?....its 30 miles right?
    any suggestions on living in a town inbetween auckland and warkworth?what town would that be?...dont want to live too close to the coast..tsunami's are not my friend...
    too me it would make more sense to live in between,because its so far already from auckland,i want it not to take that long to get there for shopping etc,all of the natural haircare salons are in auckland city area..that i know of..distance concerns me in this case..
    how is the transportaion to warkworth?i dont think tranzmetro goes all the way up there...there should be rail service...but mom will be working from well will transportation be at 11pm at night?..hopefully the bus system is up to it...
    as you can see i really need some clearity about distance,transportation and towns inbetween both places.your help is hungrily awaited*

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamilliah
    .dont want to live too close to the coast..
    The Auckland area probably isn't where you should be living, then.

    There isn't much public transport between Auckland and Warkworth. The Intercity bus goes through a few times a day. https://reservations.coachbookings.c...c/wwc.php?c=ic
    Your mom will need a car.

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    There is no passenger rail service to Warkworth. In fact there's no rail service anywhere north of Auckland.

    Wellsford, or Warkworth itself, are both options for a place to live, Orewa is a little way out of Auckland and another possibility. As is Snells Beach this website will help you learn a bit about Warkworth as will this site, which among other things, provides basic maps for warkworth and surrounding areas.

    A great New Zealand map website is
    A couple of distance calculators for NZ:

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    Warkworth is and a half hours drive North of Auckland.There is no late night transport, I'd pretty much forget about public transport as an option in this case.Whangaparoa,Warkworth itself and Orewa are options as places to live.

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