I'm a bit confused now heading into June. The NZ dollar is widely expected to fall around the end of the year or early next year. The US dollar is widely expected to fall over the coming months though which could offset any NZ$ drop.

We will have access to the proceeds from the sale of our home in about a week. But we are willing to stay in a rental for several months if it looks like we will have a better exchange later, because the rate makes such a difference in how much we end up with.

Of course nobody really knows what the currencies will do, but I am particularly uninformed, having only started looking at currency over the last few months, and I know as much about it as I do, say, astrophysics or pro wrestling. Not so much then.

So far I have only found separate info on NZD and USD. I'm trying to put them together to see if there's a substantial enough reason to play the odds and hold off on money transfer until the end of 06. Does anybody know any good references besides Bloomberg or have any thoughts? Or perhaps a psychic gift?