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Thread: Damp homes and Condensation - rental market

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    Default Damp homes and Condensation - rental market

    We have been in our rental for four weeks now and it has made me quite ill.

    Dampness and condensation is a major problem, and there is no ventallation or heating in our main bathroom (a major contributor). We pay 550 dollars a week. Unfortunately I have signed the contract until February and it does not look like we can get out of it.

    We as of yesterday have a dehumidifier and it has produced a gallon or two, in the last 24 hours. I am hoping it gets better for us here.

    Be very careful renting, check out heating and ventillation. NZ is famous for sqeazing the last dollar out of everything, so maintenence can be a problem.

    The gas fire was not lighting very well, so I got someone round to check it out as I was worried about carbon monoxide poisoning. Not sure if there are any legal requirements in this area.

    I really miss my dry home in the UK complete with unthreadbare carpets and central heating and properly maintained, e.g. no leaking taps.

    Be careful that you do not become trapped into a lease, where the environment is a threat to health as you could become ill and unable to work and possibly derail the whole project.

    Nothing worse than suffering from colds, flu and bronchitis whilst trying to pick up the new ropes of a challenging and very demanding job.
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