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Thread: Renewing passport

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    Default Renewing passport

    I have a 6 months working holiday visa and am going off to New Zealand in August.

    The thing is my passport expires in September 2007 and I would like to stay longer by getting a general work visa, so I would like to renew my passport.

    Problem is I applied for the WHV online and if I renew my passport now before going to New Zealand, I would be given a new passport number.

    I have emailed NZIS and it seems quite a hassle for them to ammend my passport number in the online WHV.

    So at the moment, I have identified a few viable possiblilties :

    1) Renew passport at my country's high commission in New Zealand after getting a job.

    However, it will take them 3-4 months to send back the passport to my home country for renewal.

    2) Fly back to my home country some time in the future where the passport can be renewed on 2 working days, then come back to New Zealand.

    What happens to the WHV which is in my old passport?

    Please advise what's the best posssible choice here and any potential problems that will crop up.

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    Hi Planb2

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm not sure where you are but there was thread about this recently here

    Renewing your PP now and having a little added hassle of changing a number, seems preferable to the expense of flying back to your home country.IMHO.

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    Hi Smiler,

    Thanks for the link.

    Would have prefered to renew my passport here in Malaysia which I am currently residing now but from the reply I got from NZIS, it seems that there is no guarantee how soon my request for a change in passport number in the online WHV will be approved.

    Was just afraid of request being rejected and that will blow my chance to go to New Zealand.

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