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Thread: Skinhead racist move

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    Thank you everybody for your valuable conntributions

    First of all, I would like to say I did not mean by skinnheads the physical meaning. It ist rue that racism can exist anywhere but of course it is different from one place to another. I have been living in Germany since more than 6 years, for instance, and never have anyproblems with nazis group, who do exist here (though my skin is not white).

    I never thought about such a thing in NZ until a friend of mine told me about that. I was very surprised cause NZ population is rather small, and the emigrannts are the majority of NZ population.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pleccy2000
    I am (physically) a skinhead becasue I shave all my hair off. I get a lot of strange looks when I go to NZ from people.
    I am married to one...I much prefer him without he doesnt have much choice!, I think you shouldnt judge people by their looks

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