Still very new to all this - but so far its been a fantastic place to research info and get answers to my questions - everyone does a great job in helping people out with answers/advice. One thing I'm still struggling is about shipping our cat. She's only two and we are definitely bringing her. Everyone on here so far has recommended Golden Arrow. My only concern is that they are in Shropshire and I only live 20 mins from Heathrow. As my cat already hates going in the car, I'm loathe to take her all the way there, only for them to bring her all the way back. I know that there are some other pet exporters far nearer heathrow, so was trying to gauge whether its worth putting her through the extra car journey ?.

Also, can anyone help with the actual process and whats involved - I did look at the MZ biosecurity form but its quite intimidating!

Any help gratefully received..